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Friends of the Off-Leash Dog Park at Oakwood Park
    Check out this group of dog-friendly neighbors from Central Raleigh (and other parts of the area as well) that have formed a volunteer organization to support the Off-Leash Dog Park at Oakwood Park.

Galetea Boutique
    Great Raleigh store for unusual clothing! Local and Woman owned!!!

Gardening with Confidence
    Helping homeowners reach their full gardening potential

    Helen Yoest started Gardening With Confidence ™ in 2001 to provide another option in the way we garden. To meet the demand of the many people who wanted to learn how to garden and for the many more to whom gardening in our zone 7b was new, Gardening With Confidence ™ was born. We specialize in working with people interested in learning to garden.

Good Work
    Good Work, a community development organization,envisions people living in just, caring, and sustainable communities with the opportunity and resources to create the lives and communities they want. They provide training, consulting, and coaching in economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, organizational development, and community leadership to help people strengthen themselves, their families and communities.

    Good Work equips people with the knowledge and skills to be more entrepreneurial, relational, creative, and agile in achieving their goals.

Hands on Health
    Hands On Health specializes in many disciplines of massage techniques. Check out their web site for detailed information and online scheduling.

Healthy Moms
    Healthy Moms is an organization dedicated to enhancing the physical and psychological well-being of women throughout the childbearing year through safe, effective, and innovative excercise programming.
    They are also recognized as an industry leader providing, prenatal fitness education, training, and certification for the health and fitness professionals who care for women during this special time.

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