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Marina Bosetti
    Ceramic Artist, Marina Bosetti creates bas-relief murals by hand, using stoneware clay.

Michelle Smith - stylish gifts for you and your home
    Michelle Smith is a Raleigh, North Carolina based designer and artist. Her work focuses on graphical and design-oriented patterns and motifs; she draws from nature for inspiration. Her work can be found in boutiques around the country.

Mini Monograms
    Mini Monograms carrys a wide variety of baby gifts Each baby item can be personalized by choosing a monogram,
    accents, thread color, type style or embroidery design.

Mood Swing Studio
    Mood Swing is Kristen Townsend, a one woman chaos of beads, glitter & glass based in Raleigh, NC. She collects just like a magpie and has way too many ideas upon which to act. She likes thrifting for vintage items and cool adornments for her home, daydreaming of building a magical garden, sipping gin & tonics and eating cupcakes. Shed be perfectly content to play all day in her studio enchanted by 80s music and all the sparkly things shes acquired over the years but life keeps getting in the way of her playtime.

    Mood Swing strives to create off the beaten path items that give you something extra special with which to decorate your body and home.

Moving Mantra Yoga Studio
    The Moving Mantra Yoga Studio, founded by Cyndi Bulka, seeks to create a loving, nurturing and safe environment to support inward journeys through yoga. As teachers, we hope to facilitate the exploration of the body, mind and spirit from a place of loving self acceptance and non judgement.

next step counsulting
    Intuitive life coaching, clairvoyance, and academic counseling. Amiel is a client of mine and has an amazing, positive presence and spirit. Check out her website for more detailed info on what she offers to her clients!
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