A Day In The Life



Elizabeth's "A Day in the Life" service is designed to capture the rituals of your family's everyday life. Her camera lens focuses on your children from their waking up in the morning to their bedtime stories in the evening. Half days and 2-3 hour sessions are also available. These moments happen before your eyes everyday, yet once they are bound together in a beautiful custom-made album or framed gallery-style and hung in your home, your story is frozen in time and held in a treasured place for years to come.

From your typical day to your family vacation, let Elizabeth's unobtrusive approach to photo documentary capture family moments to be woven into a precious storybook of memories.

Working with each client individually to create a completely unique experience, Elizabeth will capture spontaneous moments that are the essence of your family without interfering in your day. The photographs are not posed. In order to focus on the most intimate, candid happenings, she chooses to keep equipment simple. Elizabeth prefers to work with a medium format camera. Although, she occasionally uses a 35mm as well, making an interesting mix in the final product. She favors natural light and black and white film, but often includes some soft, muted, early morning and late afternoon scenes in color. Once the photographs are taken, you will view each of your proofs which are printed 4x5, 4x6, or 5x5 depending on which camera the photo was taken with. All of the images are presented in photo boxes and are yours to keep. Elizabeth will then guide you in editing your favorites which may then be enlarged and placed into a hand-made album or framed and hung gallery-style in your home.

For examples of Elizabeth's work, please view her Portfolio.

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